Overview 4 Lang Systems

Overview 4 Lang Systems - sentences • Combining sentences...

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Overview of the Four Language Systems System Description Applications Phonological System The sound system of a language. English has approximately 44 sounds. Pronouncin g words Decoding words while reading Estimating spelling Detecting dialects Syntactic System The structural system that governs how words are combined into sentences. Breaking words into parts (morphemes: affixes, roots & stems, inflectional endings, etc.) while reading Using capitalization and punctuation to indicate beginnings and endings of sentences and phrases Writing
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Unformatted text preview: sentences • Combining sentences Semantic System The meaning system of a language (e.g., vocabulary) • Learning the meaning of words, sentences and passages • Discoverin g multiple meanings of words • Studying synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, etc. • Using a dictionary and thesaurus Pragmatic System The system that varies language according to social and cultural contexts • Varying language to fit specific purposes • Reading and writing dialogue in dialects- Adapted by S. Tuyay from Tompkins, G.E. (2006), page 17...
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Overview 4 Lang Systems - sentences • Combining sentences...

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