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Contextual Redefinition

Contextual Redefinition - Contextual Redefinition...

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Contextual Redefinition Contextual redefinition is a strategy that helps students use context to determine the meaning of unknown words and to make informed guesses about word meanings using context. It stresses the importance of predicting and verifying word meanings. Procedure 1. Select unfamiliar words : Teachers examine the text and select words whose meanings may be necessary to understand the important ideas of the text and/or whose meaning or use may present trouble to students as they read. 2. Write a sentence : At least a sentence context needs to be provided so that students have appropriate clues as to each word’s meaning. If the text already has such a sentence, use it. If not, one will have to be written. If a sentence is created, it is recommended that various types of clues (synonyms, comparison/contrast, definition, etc.) be utilized so that students become familiar with the variety of ways authors may provide help in figuring out a word’s meaning. 3.
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