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LEVELS OF READING ABILITY From Gillet & Temple (1990) Understanding Reading Problems The Independent Level If a text is at the student’s independent reading level, the student can read the text easily, without help. Comprehension of what is read is generally excellent, and silent reading at this level is rapid because almost all the words are recognized and understood at sight. The student has to stop rarely, if at all, to analyze a new word. Oral reading is generally fluent and occasional divergences from the written text rarely interfere with comprehension. At the independent level, we want students to read for pleasure, information, and enrichment. Reading assignment such as homework, tests, and seatwork should also be at the independent level so the work can be completed independently. The Instructional Level At this level the text is not really easy, but is still comfortable for the reader. Here the student is challenged and will benefit most from instruction. Comprehension is good, but help is needed for the reader to understand some of
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