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Unformatted text preview: melfl Offline Name ”Be Ready for Fire Emergencies” People are often injured in fires simply because of panic. Panic is a feeling of » fear that makes people act unwisely. The first people to panic are usually those who have never planned for safety in a fire emergency. Panic makes it harder to protect yourself and harder for others to help you. Schools and some fami ‘ ' . ~ prepare for a directions and staying with You are exit signs. a theater, restaurant, or At one time, a home while everyone slept. to a family. People are awakened while there There are many kinds tors, and they , differently. All of them sense smoke in the _. Smoke detectors should be in hallways near the . There sure to awaken people. detectors sh - c . - month, and their batteries be replaced at least a year. One of greatest dangers of fire the damage smoke can the lungs. In ire, the least amount smoke is near the . Keep your he of . Quickly stand up and If it is cool, out of the room If the door hot, do not open tead, stuff rags or in the space around to ep smoke out. the rags if you . Crawl to a window. it is not high, out to escape. If is high, call out for help. ...
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