3430b Fall 2010 - School of Administrative Studies,...

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School of Administrative Studies, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies, York University Fall 2010 Course Outline LA&PS3430B Strategic Human Resources Planning Instructor: Mark Podolsky E-Mail: podolsmg@mcmaster.ca Class Time: Thursdays 2:30 – 5:30 Location: ACW307 Course Description : This course provides an introduction to the current issues and procedures that are used the process of HR planning. We will look at how the organization sets its strategy, and how the organization’s strategy becomes embedded in the HR system. Finally, we will learn how to incorporate these strategic requirements into organizational capabilities through the HR system. Prerequisites : Students are personally responsible to ensure that they have the prerequisites as stated in the course outline or in the course calendar. Students who do not have the prerequisites are at risk of being dropped from the course at any time during the course. The department will not be responsible for refunds resulting from students being dropped from a course due to a lack of appropriate prerequisites. Required Text : Belcourt, M., McBey, K.J. (2010). Strategic Human Resources Planning, 4e or 3e . ITP Nelson. Evaluation : Exams : There will be 1, 90-minute in-class midterm exam worth 35%, and a final exam worth 30%. The format of these exams will be essay questions and possibly a case study on the final exam. The exact format of each exam will be discussed in class. There is no make-up for the mid-term. In the event of absence due to illness etc. (accompanied by doctor’s note), the weight of the mid-term will be added to the final exam. Research paper summary: During the term you will be required to write a brief summary of a relevant research paper provided by me. Each week, starting the 2 nd week of classes, selected students will hand in the research paper summary, and students will 1
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be randomly selected in class to present their summary to the class. The research paper summary will be worth 10% of your final grade. The summary should briefly describe the point of the article; the relevance of the article
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3430b Fall 2010 - School of Administrative Studies,...

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