9-10-10 Roman Theater

9-10-10 Roman Theater - 91010 RomanDrama

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9-10-10 Roman Drama Lots of Roman slaves were the people doing some of performing in comedies and  dramas Pretty similar to Greek period but different in several ways as well Hellenistic Age 336-146 BCE o Move to celebrating military victories and pure entertainment Not just dionysitic reasons o Rise of Actor Status Guild – Artist of Dionysus o When wnted to put on show had to go to guild o Forerunner to Actors Equity (union today) Costumes Onkos o Headpiece added to make actors seem taller Cothurnus o Elevated shoes Trying to make actors seem larger than life and gives the actors  more prominence Actors begin to take on more importance than the play themselves
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Mimes Juggling, improve skits, dances, pantomimes interpreting fables and myths Religion When focus was on religion acting was a more respectful career/hobby When now popular ent the status of actor began going downhill o Stage Higher 8-13 ft Wider 140 ft Deeper 6-14 ft Proscenium was gotten rid of Tragedy – Aristotle o
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9-10-10 Roman Theater - 91010 RomanDrama

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