9-10-10 - 9­10­10 • Legs o o o Back curtains on wings...

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Unformatted text preview: 9­10­10 • Legs o o o Back curtains on wings off to the side Used for masking backstage area and actors behind it Curtains that hang in the wings • Teasers o Little top short curtain that hangs in front to hid the grids • • Photo Call Read Through o o o o One of first thing that happens in rehearsal Just reading through the script Not acting not on feet just hearing the story out loud to understand it Director might talk aabout concept of showo vision and theme • Dry Tech o o o Happens with director and tech crew So director can look at lights and see if it works for parts of the show Almost dry run without actors on stage • Dress rehearsal o o Has everything on the stage and as if audience is there Props costumes scenery etc • Cut to Cue o o o o Don’t run lines but form cue to cue to cue Actors may or not may be in costume Start at top of show and run first cue then may skip to another act or scene Jst do a few lines that lead into the light, sound, or set change Do cue and then they stop and tell you to go to next one • Practical light o o Light an actor has to turn on Actually has to work • Gel o colors • Gobo o o Design of bringing light using hanging …. Shadow of a window or person or dog etc • Booth o Hwere stage manager calls the show • • • Rehearsal hall Sign in Fitting room (fitting) Where go to try on clothes and costumes ...
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9-10-10 - 9­10­10 • Legs o o o Back curtains on wings...

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