midterm I extra supplemental notes and study guide (mainly voc)

Midterm I extra supplemental notes and study guide (mainly voc)

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Drama List on blackboard The house = audience (how big is the house? How quiet?) House manager= manages the theatre (lishtens to how audience reacts) Wings= sides of the stage Foot lights = (1800’s) go along the bottom of the stage. Before natural light or candle light Special= a lighting effect for a particular moment. Ex. From side of stage, for moonlight, used to highlight that part of the play. Usually does not move Follow spot= standalone machine that follows actor with the light, from up above Quick change= quick costume change Spike marks= pieces of tape laid out on the stage, to mark position for furniture, props or scenery. Strike= take away something in btw. Scenes or sets Stage hands/crew= move furniture an scenery Headset= used for communication btw managers and others in the theatre Fittings= costume creation of a character, collaborative not done alone, may require special prop Photo call= at final dress rehearsal or rehearsal, pictures are taken during action , used for publicity and recording. Half hour= thirty minutes before the show starts Places= call that stage manager calls for actors to get in place to begin play Calling the show= they call all the cues, stage manager from up in the booth Ten out of Twelve= amnt of work in the technical rehearsal weekend fri sat sun. when all of the play is put together Fade = when the light goes down. Slow fade, fast fade, (gradual), lingering feeling Blackout= instant lights out, snap ending Stumble through= first off book run of the play, just to see where actors are Archival video= just for historical purposes to capture what is done on the stage. To have a record Breaks= break for actors Equity day off – Monday break for actors Mock up= a costume made out of white muslim, where fittings and changes are made on costume before actual material is used. Glow tape= used to keep actors safe, define exits when stage gets dark
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Midterm I extra supplemental notes and study guide (mainly voc)

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