9-10-10 - 9-10-10Bombing from the air panicked ppl but...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-10-10Bombing from the air panicked ppl but wasnt as bad as first thought finally discoveredFirst self propelled balloonoJules Henri GiffardThaddeus Lowes routeStill number one problem in airships today is ___oWhere your going to move ship toThaddeus LoweoAmerican Civil War and ran Union balloon effortsSome balloons got shot down in war bc they were big targets for small armed artillery if in rangeFirst aircraft carrier also launched a balloonoAttempt to lok into Hampton Rhodes and Norfolk areaGrant cut balloon effort short bc wasnt cost affectiveUsed carrier pidgeons for first airmail/communiciationBalloons in US ArmyoGreenleyoWere used and reinstated in Spanish-American war1884 first successful air ships that could leave and land back in same placeCanadian ExperimentoSuper thin metal to make hull but couldnt make it that thin and light to stand the pressureVon ZeppelinoReally to zeppelins and airships to the next levelReconnaissanceoArtillery spottingoBombing (extrememly limited prior to WWI)oMorale Booster/Mail/escapeoAir transport of suppliesoSlow shift toward self-propelled and steerable craftConstantitnolple in 11th centuryoDavincis helicopter designoScrew propeller in air has problemsBesnier designImportant DesignsoSir George CayleyStudied birds and copied cthe cambered wingHad one that launched as flight that prob couldve held a personHad a boy carrier that launched a boy but dontknow reaction...
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9-10-10 - 9-10-10Bombing from the air panicked ppl but...

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