9-20-10 - 91910 Machinesin1914 o Aircraft o...

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9-19-10 Machines in 1914 o Aircraft Typical design was mono or biplane Average weight when empty – 1000-2000 pounds Top speeds – 55-85 mph Ranges – 100-250 miles Ceilings – 7000-10000 feet o Airships 400-700 feet long Top speed of 25-50 mph Endurance of up to 100 hrs Ceilings of up to 20,000 feet Pilots in 1914 o Mixture of civilian trained and military trained aviators o Many had virtually no navigational training beyone land navigation and visual  landmark “dead reckoning” Calculate speed and fly course hoping/assuming you will get where you  planned Dead Reckoning o Estimating one’s current position based upon a previously determined position  and advancing that position based upon known or estimated speed over a given  time, and a given course
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Only vague idea in 1914 ofwhat their military functions would be At this time still focusing on simply controlling aircraft without endangering yourself, others, and not damaging plane Air Strengths in Summer 1914 (number of planes and airships at the time) o Germany o Austro-Hungary o G.B. o France o Belgium o Imperial Russia British navigation in 1914 o Bovril was household name and trucks (like UPS) Was how navigated across channel in 1914 RFC arrives in France in 1914
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9-20-10 - 91910 Machinesin1914 o Aircraft o...

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