9-22-10 - 9-22-10•Movies – 6 p.m. in Hanes Art Center

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Unformatted text preview: 9-22-10•Movies – 6 p.m. in Hanes Art Center 121oINCENTIVEQuestions on midterm and exam concerning these filmso29 Sept - The Spirit of Saint Louiso13 October – The Battle of Britaino27 October – Twelve O’Clock Higho10 Nov – The Fog of War•Command of the AiroDiscussed by theorists before waroFinally really looked into•Roland GarrosoAir to air combat took step forward w/ intro of deflector plates on the propeller of a French Morane Type L flighter flown by noted French aviator Garros in spring of 1915oPut machine gun on airplane and fire it through the propellerPut metal wedge on propeller so it wouldn’t strike head on the propeller but deflect off•Still knocked propeller off center and can still hurt propeller•Ricochet was sending bullets all over the placeoBiggest problem•Propeller could still shatter if struck dead center by bulletWORKED•Before captured by Germans in 18 of April 1915, Garros shot down at least 3 German aircraft•Was single-seat “scout” plane with machinegun firing dead ahead – deadly combooEngine failure and captured by GermansPlane was studied by Germans•Anthony FokkeroBrilliant Dutch designer examined Garros’ planeoFokker felt they were suicidaloDeveloped an existing but unperfected idea:the synchronization-interrupter•so won’t fire when propeller was in line with the gun•Machine Gunsoseveral models of machine guns at this time and was another focus of military technologyoideatake auto machine gun and synchronize it with the propelleroVickers Machine GunUSA and Britain600 rpmPopular at the time and weighed 35 lbsBy Maxim???...
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9-22-10 - 9-22-10•Movies – 6 p.m. in Hanes Art Center

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