9-7-10 - 9-7-10•Papers are now due on the 28thoTopic is...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-7-10•Papers are now due on the 28thoTopic is think topicoDiscuss legacies of slavery in contemporary societyoSpecific prompt is includedoCan use “I” in your papersoYour opinion but explain and justify with examples etc.•Movie ThursdayoBeginning o f Africa in America seriesoStudy guide is on BBoPrint it our bring laptopPhysical Process (Middle Passage) by which Africans came to the New World•Middle PassageoMiddle of the Triangular TradeoWhy didn’t Europeans just take ships down to Nigeria and go across to BrazilNot just about slavesIts about all goods and slaves were simply one goodoFrom EuropeEngland was not the only place participating•Spanish and Portuguese were involved starting in 1440 and remained involved up and down until the late 1800soEven some not involved in the slave trade were still part of the system through manufacturing other goodsTextiles•Very important•Africans didn’t run naked•Mansa Musa’s trip to Mecca didn’t go nude nor did the 60,000 followers (check on the leader of this march)•19thcentury and before women did not really start shaving until 20thcentury but African people didoPart of heritage – more naked hairy than shavedoAfrican people throughout continent wore clothesoThere were cottage industries everywhereSmall local textile, pottery, and goods productionEvery house didn’t have to make its own clothes, pots etc.•Beginning of specialization•West African societies were able to trade goods for cloth at low price and undermine their own local producersoBut meant they no longer controlled own supply of cloth and were tied into the triangular trade networkWest Africans also soon began trading slaves which soon became a high commodity (used to be just ivory, pepper, etc)•Societies soon became single industry areas and went to war with neighbors to acquire this very valuable goods to the EuropeansINCORRECT to say Africans sold their own people into slavery•Didn’t see each other always as the same people•Germans and Poles didn’t see each other as same people in WWII as with Chinese and JapaneseWeapons, guns, ammunitionEuropeans originally acquired fire-arms through Chinese•Had to get gun powder and then fire-arms•Euro’s evolved gun technology and when dealing with these coastal regions it made senseo...
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9-7-10 - 9-7-10•Papers are now due on the 28thoTopic is...

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