9-9-10 Movie

9-9-10 Movie - 9-9-10Move: Terrible...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-9-10Move: Terrible TransformationComplementary NotesBASIC THEME (recap)oIndentured servants was first methodoWhy not just get whites from overseasFreedom dues expensiveBc had to be given freedom dues and freedom you have population competing with you in the endTwo freedom dues became problem guns and landoBw 1609 and 1610 most people died from 500 to 60 = 440 ppl o rabout 90% diedoIndentured servants 4-7 yearsOdds you will get freedom dues in infinitesimal bc of mortality rateoMan executed for digging up wife and eating herShows extremity of starvation of colonyIndians looking at this might think the Englishmen were the savagesoIn constant danger in VA and Mass during this time (first 40-60 years of settlement)oBARBADOSEngland had small numerical presence in N America at firstWas an englsih colony with legalized slavery by 1630 and blacks outnumbered whites by 1660sThomas JeffersonoOwned slavesoLater said if theres a just God well pay for it1645 in VA north HamptonoWhite black man went in and divided crop and landAnthony the negro...
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9-9-10 Movie - 9-9-10Move: Terrible...

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