Extra Credit 1 - Jasmine Lawrence History 2111 - United...

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Jasmine Lawrence History 2111 -- United States to 1877 Lawrence Foster -- Fall Semester 2010 OPTIONAL EXTRA-CREDIT EXERCISE #1 1. What was the dilemma for Puritans? In your answer, provide concrete ex- amples to illustrate this dilemma. The Puritans had many dilemmas. The dilemmas that seemed to stand out the most were whether the group should leave England to start a new holy colony in the new world and also once they were there, how they were to survive under such condition- s.These dilemmas challenged the Puritans and their faith but through it all they relied on John Winthrop as their unfailing leader. The Puritans knew that evil was reeking havoc in England and that God would soon punish them all. By leaving England it would seem as though they were trying to run away from the punishment and be labels dishonorable as separatists. For John Win- throp it took at lot of hard evidence to prove that leaving England was the best choice. He wrote to many trusted friends and colleagues trying to convince himself and in turn others that going abroad was the right choice. Ultimately, the decision was made be- cause if a holy colony was started in the new world they could come back and try to help restore the sanctity of the mother country. Secondly, because the new world had opportunities for prosperity. Their next dilemma occurred when they finally arrived in the new world. Many of
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Extra Credit 1 - Jasmine Lawrence History 2111 - United...

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