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Page 1 of 1 Outline for “Quiet Rage” “Quiet Rage” video: How subjects were recruited for experiment – City newspaper ad for psych. Test – tested for disabilities/records Composition of experimental-subject population – Normal male students – different majors—all normal before experiment. How subjects knew what to do, to perform their prisoner or guard roles – Given limits as guards (no physical violence)… flip a coin to decide role as guard or prisoner. Changes in prisoners’ attitudes/behavior over time – Not serious at first… but then they began to rebel. Work together against the guards. Started wanting out… felt really imprisoned when they couldn’t get out. Tried to change themselves their behaviors to get out after only a few days. (8612 got out early.)
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Unformatted text preview: Changes in guards’ attitudes/behavior over time – They didn’t know how to control the prisoners—began to exercise psychological control. Got stricter… more physical control… fewer privileges. Guards got more severe as they became more unhappy with their situation (after the fluke about 8612). Very cruel harsh pushiments- in the ‘hole’ for not eating old sausages. Some assumed ‘nice guy’ roles and some were harsher. • Events illustrating the power of the (social structure of) the situation - Bed barricade. 1612’s alleged rebellion. Harsher punishments. Priest’s visit—prisoners reactions – use number instead of name. 819 leaves and the prisoners do not side with 419. They will not give up their blankets to take 416 out for not eating his dirty sausages....
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