CJUS test 2 - Test 2 PoliceSection 1 thru 5Analysis of the...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-22-2009Test 2 PoliceSection 1 thru 5Analysis of the CJUSProcessBuffering Devices => Bail, Parole, House Arrest, Plea BargainingSocio-technical Environment => People & Tech. operating together to help a set of goalsInputsPoliceCourtsCorrectionsOutputsPurpose => goals/objectiveStructureRelationshipsRewards => FeedbackTechnologyLeadershipPolice is > courts and correctionsPoliceFederal Police Agency=> 8% (only 50 of them)Dept of Justice => FBI, DEA, Domestic IntelDept of treasury 1865 => IRS, BOC (Bureau of Customs), ATF, Secret ServiceDept of State => CIADept of Defense => Military, NSAU.S. Postal ServiceDept of Interior => US Border PatrolDept of Agriculture => Farm products (FDA)Dept of Transportation => Coast Guard, Air Traffic controllers, etc.Dept of Labor => Labor lawsPeriods:Pre-Peelan Period (1066-1829):Pledge system/watch system => Everybody watches/protects each otherTithing => Families grouped together take turns protecting each otherOne hundred/ConstableHundreds/Shires/Shire reeve => resembled countiesJustice of the PeaceLondon's Bow Street RunnersModern Police Period (1829-1960):Sir Robert Peel => Metropolitan Police Act (1st organized police Dept)BobbysU.S./Hue & Cry => shout if a problem occursBoston 1838New York 1844Philadelphia 1854August Vollmer1931- Wikersham Commission => Hollywood Code of 1931Community Service Period (1960- ):Civil Rights MovementsCommunity Managers9-29-2009Section 6Police Subculture=> Working Personality...
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CJUS test 2 - Test 2 PoliceSection 1 thru 5Analysis of the...

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