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Exercise: Usuform Practice Three ~ Voice B*itch Session! (Voice Revision Skill, Genre Revision Skill) Stressed out yet? Time to vent, then! This prompt is "Bitch Session". Aim this prompt on what is most causing you stress or anxiety, or making you angry. But please try to watch the language. Here’s the catch, and you know there had to be one: you need to write one moderate paragraph, as long as you want, on as many things as you want, but you will be writing the same paragraph three separate times. To show voice, you will be writing one paragraph, but writing it three times, each to a different audience. x I. Write about bemoaning the things causing you stress in one paragraph, as if speaking to your best friend; swearing is allowed, but try and keep it from turning too raunchy, please. II. Write about the problems you have, same paragraph, but this time as if you are explaining to a 7 year old child (if you aren’t used to dealing with young children, then go the full polar opposite, and write it for a
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Unformatted text preview: grandmother or even great-grandmother). In composing, writing to a differing audience can help you determine if used language is appropriate, if amount of explanation, and if overall complexity is adequate (or not). Writing to new audiences can also bring out unforeseen perspectives, contriving new ideas and concepts. When writing a piece to an unknown audience, preferably research the audience and find out who you are writing for and to what purpose! But, in a non-perfect world, when in doubt, err on cautions side, and go with a more formal perspective. Think about the difference between writing an e-mail to your best friend, verses the language, word choices, and tones you would use in appealing a dismissal, or writing to your grandmother or great-aunt. Voice, and by default, rhetorical genre, is audience, quiet simply....
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