My 8 Beliefs - everything in his image so that everything...

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My 8 Beliefs 1. I believe life should be cherished 2. I believe everyone is unique 3. I believe the in order to judge someone u need to know them first 4. I believe that God is the almighty 5. I believe that no one should taken advantage of 6. I believe that there is no cooking like home cooking 7. I believe that everyone should have a family, that no one should be alone 8. I believe that for every evil there is good 1. Life should be cherished because life is sacred and is a fragile thing to have 2. Everyone is unique because even though people may look alike in their personality is different and therefore everyone is unique 3. People are way too quick to judge others by the way they look and don’t take a minute to even sit down to get to know them that is way I chose that belief 4. I'm catholic and I believe that god created the world in 7 days and he created
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Unformatted text preview: everything in his image so that everything with have little pieces him in him/ her/it. 5. Too many times have I heard of someone being taken advantage of and I didn’t like it that is why my belief is that no one should be taken advantage of. 6. I’ve always loved my family’s cooking and haven’t found anything that can compare to it 7. There are so many little kids (orphans) who don’t have families along with adults who have lost all of their families and its very sad and lonely, that is why I believe everyone should have a family and not to be alone 8. There is always light to darkness not one can overpower another everything has an equilibrium and that’s way this belief is there is always good to every evil...
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My 8 Beliefs - everything in his image so that everything...

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