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Unformatted text preview: Exercise: Quantity Counts! ~ Form Personal Index (Form Revision Skill; Quantifying Skill) This prompt is tasked with writing a list, a counting list, of numbers which have meaning to some aspect of your life. The process of counting important facts or details, is called Quantifying (or quantification). Counting parts of a topic, in this case yourself, can help break writer’s block on what to write about. And though the counting can help you start a writing, then you’re left asking the question of, “what next?” We revise the list for form, naturally. This prompt begins our efforts at learning ways of revising. All those times someone has said to you, “go revise this,” did a disservice, for most times, people never taught you there are different ways to revise. One way is to revise for form. In our practice, you’re making a personal index and then showing how you can change it from list form, into something else, your choice....
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