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Prompt ~ Sum It Up! u Time to play a little, think a little, and invent a little. First, go to this web-site and watch the following video: You’ve now had the introduction to the concept. Sum up a powerful concept about yourself, about your life, in three words – only three words. Now, scroll down and pick a 3Words video – I highly recommend And, now, sum up your own life in three words: what three words, phrase or list, best represent you, as you are now? Or, what three words are important enough for you to share with the world? 1. Devise your three words.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Print or type them in a font or style which you believe is appropriate to your choice of words. The way words are conveyed in form and style can become part of the message, so play with the visual. If you need to use color, so be it. The same for a graphic element or three. Play and decorate, but say it like you mean it, and mean what you say. 3. On the back of the page, write, paste or tape an explanation which gives the context, the story behind the words. Explain the significance of the words chosen, and also explain the use of print/font style, and graphics, if any. A few sentences/ short paragraph should suffice....
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