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Coca-cola Paper Final - Osuba 1 Rafael Osuba English 1102...

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Osuba 1 Rafael Osuba English 1102 Mr. Patel March 16, 2010 The Gremlin Player Coca-cola is one of the largest soft drink companies in the world. So I decided to make my rhetorical analysis paper one of the Coca-cola commercials. While I was looking for a Coke commercial to use on YouTube I came across a weird one called The Organ Player , so I used it. So in this commercial the organ player brings a large cupboard looking box, on wheels, up to the top of the biggest hill in the park and started to open up his box. Out comes 5 or 6 gremlin looking creatures and a hose aimed at both of them. The organ player pulls out a coke and hooks it up to a machine that hooks up to the hose that is aimed at the gremlins. Every time the organist plays a note the gremlins get a sip of coke and in return they sing a note. So the organist starts a beat and then plays the gremlins, and a crowd of people come from everywhere and start dancing to the music. Then cokes come out from the ground and into everyone’s hands and everyone has a grand old time. The song comes from a song by the artist Calvin Harris. The song is called “yeah yeah yeah la la la”, and this particular song is a techno rhythm beat type of music. It incorporates the organ and electric piano, along with some beats of drums and scratches of the record to appeal as a remixing tech song. So my argumentative thesis is that the coke commercial
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Coca-cola Paper Final - Osuba 1 Rafael Osuba English 1102...

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