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Paper proposal - My main argument is that Coca-cola is a...

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Rafael Osuba My topic chosen was the Coca-cola commercial. The source is YouTube, because it has a wide verity of videos placed on the web including commercials, TV shows, movies, and any other kind of video put up on the web for the world to see. I chose this topic because I find those commercials to be very interesting and very persuasive. I want to analyze exactly what features they use to make the soda look so tasty and crisp. People already trust their credibility so I will approach the commercials through the method of perspective, pathos and logos.
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Unformatted text preview: My main argument is that Coca-cola is a very refreshing drink. Using the pathos perceptive I will find I will find how the commercials appeal to the audience’s thirst, humor, or emotional needs. Using the logos perspective I will find how the commercial uses logic to turn phrases so that what is said in the commercial is true. By paying close attention to what the commercial symbolizes I will find out what Coca-cola is trying to prove with persuasion....
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