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Paper proposal 2 - about what happens during the trial and...

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Paper Proposal 2 Rafael Osuba In this essay I plan on how something works. I chose to write about how the processing of a convicted criminal works. The reason I picked this is because I am a Criminal Justice Major and I find the court system process amazing and plus I need to learn more about it so why not do a report on it and explain the system to the rest of the class as well. The way I will go about it is first start off with what happens before the trial, then talk
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Unformatted text preview: about what happens during the trial, and lastly talk about what happens to the criminal after the trial. My two sources is a website that explains how the NJ court system runs the process, and my other one is my law enforcement book for my CJUS class. My thesis is that processing a criminal is hard and long work....
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