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Paper # 1 – Movie Review Due : In class – Tuesday February 9 (in class – do not e-mail) Bring rough draft with you to class on Thursday February 4 . This counts as 10 out of 50 points of the grade, so be sure to come to class, or let me know in advance if you cannot attend. Also, make sure you turn in your peer review sheet with your final draft. Page Length : 3-4 pages (MLA, double-spaced; see syllabus for more details about format) Assignment: Choose a movie you have seen recently and write a well-organized, critical review of it. I do not want a full-length summary of a movie you have seen, but rather a well thought out critique. Imagine you are writing this review for a particular audience (magazine, website, newspaper, blog, etc.). Focus on making an argument with your own opinions: what did you like or dislike about the movie? Would you recommend it? To whom? Be specific. Organize and develop your main points in the body of the paper clearly, and be sure to provide plenty of detail. You must include a summary, but be sure to not give too much information about what the
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