Weekly assignment 1

Weekly assignment 1 - Rafael Osuba I did my weekly...

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Unformatted text preview: Rafael Osuba I did my weekly assignment this week on the movie review of the American version of Godzilla made in 1998. In this review written by James Brundage on contactmusic.com he explains on how he doesn’t like the movie to sit through and watch it completely but finds it as a good movie to be watching if it comes on TV or to watch with your girlfriend. He also states how the acting isn’t the best in the world and when people hear the actor/actresses names they are well known but aren’t always liked for just their acting. James does like the fact about the movie that it isn’t like the old Godzilla movies where the is dubbed and the lips don’t move with the words but still finds that the dialogue hurts the movie almost as bad as the cast choice and the emotional/romantic subplots. However James does think that the film still has “something that has a very limited appeal of enjoyment”. James believes that there is a cult of Godzilla fans and that they believe that the original Godzilla movies “can be viewed as an allegory of post-World-...
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Weekly assignment 1 - Rafael Osuba I did my weekly...

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