Collaborative and Individual Writing Processes

Collaborative and Individual Writing Processes - work is...

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Collaborative  and  Individual  Writing  Processes      The first advantage of collaborative writing is more than  one point of view on the topic. When there is more than one  point of view the writers create a successful, and knowledgeable  finished product. Another advantage of collaborative writing  would be the wide range of available talents and skills. When  writing documents with this advantage the writers are able to  focus on separate areas of expertise. The effect of being able  to focus on individual areas creates an informative and thorough  finished document. The final advantage of collaborative writing  is there would be less stress and anxiety on individual team  members. Without the success or failure being placed on a single  person, the attention can be placed on the assignment.       The first disadvantage of collaborative writing is that 
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Unformatted text preview: work is rarely distributed evenly amongst writers. Someone always ends up doing more or less work. Another disadvantage of collaborative writing would be the amount of time it takes to complete a single document. The process of taking everyone’s opinion takes longer to compile than with the individual writing process. The final disadvantage is called “group think.” When people try to get along in groups they sometimes agree with their teammates all the time. This defeats the original purpose of collaborative writing. Individual writing would probably be preferred if there was a short amount of time in which to complete an assignment. Individual writing would probably be preferable in a public speech, preparing an essay, or compiling a book report....
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