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Legal Considerations - could be changed this would be the...

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Legal Considerations The technical document I chose was the instruction manual I received with my new Toshiba computer. I believe that the company used or included all legal considerations while writing this manual. The manual seems to observe all copyright laws. All of the name brands are followed by either the tm symbol or the registered trademark symbol. The manual includes a very in depth section on the warranty for my computer. It also includes a section on implied warranties. The manual was very well written. I think this manual leaves very little room for improvement. I believe that if there was anything that
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Unformatted text preview: could be changed this would be the lack of graphics that were in the material provided, as there are no graphics included. However there is not much information that could be put into graphics while still making sense to the whole of the manual. I believe all liability laws were very extensively covered even including warnings about not using this item in the bath tub, and a section on the services the consumer is responsible for. I do not believe that there is anything that could be changed with this instruction manual. The company or person responsible for the writing did a very good job....
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