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Using the Library to Research I did my research on the career field of computer programming. I used Pro Quest for my search. The article I finally decided to use was a news article from the Austin American Statesman. The author of this title is Rajiv Chandrasekaran. This article was published in the paper on January 12, 1998. The title of this article is: U.S. to give millions for computer training / / Federal plan will boost efforts to lure more into high-tech fields such as computer programming . There are studies which show that 1 in 10 jobs in information technology are not filled in the United States. The shortage in the field of information technology is deemed as a huge threat to the growth of the economy in the United States. At the time the article was written, technology represented 50 percent of the nation’s growth.
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Unformatted text preview: The labor department announced a $3 million grant program to help schools businesses and government provide computer skills. They also committed $8 million for a website that allows employers to post job openings and enables prospective employees to pots their resumes. The industry admits one of the biggest challenges is to remove the “nerd” stigma that has been attached to the computer profession. In order to do this the Commerce Department hosted several activities aimed at highlighting past National Medal winners of technology. The industry planned to distribute several copies of a video made by Microsoft to high schools and colleges. The aim of this video is to show this is a trendy line of work. You do not have to be a nerd to work with computers....
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