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Creating Effective Documents There are several things that I did not see mentioned in the resource material. The top two that I can think of are to always use an appropriate font color. Black is usually considered the best color to use for a document. Another good tip is to avoid going over several topics in one paragraph. This can be very confusing for the reader. The best thing to do is stick to one topic for each paragraph. The guidelines that I believe are most important are the font size, and style, and the format that a person chooses to use. The font size should not be too small as this makes the document difficult to read. The best thing to do is keep the font set at 12pt. for
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Unformatted text preview: the text portion. The font style needs to be easy to read, not complicated with a thick or curly letter style. A person should use a one inch margin on both sides, and justify to the left side leaving the right side jagged. When creating a business document it is considered effective to use columns, and bullets; however when one is preparing an academic document it is not acceptable to use bullets because numbers have proven to be much more appropriate. On academic papers columns are not an ideal format, these are usually reserved for business purposes; instead use a solid text with double spacing and indentations....
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