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Effective Presentations The document design format is a slide show design. The layout that I chose is the title text and content. I chose this layout so I am able to use pictures graphs or pie charts without changing my layout. I read in the material assigned that you don’t change the layout from one slide to the next. The best thing to do is pick out a layout design and use it for all slides in the presentation. The design template I chose is the ripple in dark blue, because it is not distracting to the presentation. The font style that I chose for this
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Unformatted text preview: presentation is Arial Unicode MS in a pale yellow color. The contrast between the font and background are very complimentary with one another. I am planning on using graphics in the form of clip art, graphs, and pie charts. The reason I chose the graphs are to illustrate the differences in attendance records with on sight child care versus a hired baby sitter. I am planning on using a pie chart to accurately show a cost analysis of start up. I believe the combinations of these choices are very appropriate for this presentation on daycare....
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