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MEMO for training program - more about emotional training...

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MEMO TO: Christine Lancaster, Training supervisor FROM: Joe Gilmore, Training Department Manager JG DATE: March 22, 2009 SUBJECT: Response on Training Program NEW TRAINING PROGRAM I have reviewed the materials that you sent to me. After careful consideration of all the enclosed facts, I would like the opportunity to set up a similar program for our employees. PROPOSED BENEFITS OF PROGRAM I am very interested in the benefits that could come from this program. I want to learn
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Unformatted text preview: more about emotional training. This could be a very helpful corporate tool for this company. MEETING PENDING I am going to be setting up a meeting for all of the management team. The goal of this meeting is to inform and answer any questions that may arise from the team members. This meeting will also serve a purpose to get feedback from other team-members....
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