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Axia College Material Appendix C Audience Characteristics Complete the following table by listing the four types of audiences and describing the characteristics of each audience type. Type of Audience Examples of Characteristics 1. High tech audience High tech audiences are very knowledgeable in your subject field such as co-workers; they usually share your educational background, experience and understanding of the topic. They are usually experts in this field. They will usually understand the technical jargon. 2. Low tech audience Low tech audiences are usually somewhat familiar with the technology you would be writing about. They have the ability to understand some of the jargon and concepts. Technical concepts must be defined for these
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Unformatted text preview: readers. 3. Lay audience Lay audiences are unfamiliar with your subject matter and do not have an understanding of your technology. They do not understand any of the jargon. You should write simply and explain the subject matter clearly. They will need you to provide background information or they will not be able to understand the writing. Simple graphics can be very helpful. 4. Multiple audiences You will need to provide background information for clarity. They will have a diverse understanding of the topic. You will need to define any jargon abbreviations or acronyms; you can do this with a glossary or in text. You should use a matter of fact business like tone. COM 135...
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