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Image Integration Background color      I chose a background color in pale blue. The reason I chose to use a pale blue  background was due to the things I have learned in this class. Mrs. Doss stated that pale  blue is easy on the eyes. I have also learned that this is a very relaxing color. Font       Font plays a very important role. The writer needs to ensure that the style of font is  easy to read, and that the color stands out so it can be read easily. The style I chose for  this assignment is Georgia in a dark blue. For the heading I used 16 pts. For the 
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Unformatted text preview: subheadings I used 14 pts. For the main text of the paper I used 12 pts. Borders These can add a very fun and eye catching element for any document. I believe this helps to keep the reader’s attention. Conclusion I believe the combination of these elements, while they may seem subtle are very effective. During the creation of documents there are a few changes one can implement to create an eye catching design while keeping the attention of readers....
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