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Letter Writing Techniques - news letter you will want to...

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Letter Writing Techniques Describe the different strategies and techniques used in writing a good news letter and a bad news letter. With a good news letter you would give the good information within the introduction. With the bad news letter you give the bad news within the discussion part of the letter. The introduction is used to provide a buffer for the bad news. The discussion part of a good news letter is used to give more in depth information as to what may be taking place, as well as any expectations. The discussion part of the bad news letter is to provide more details pertaining to the bad news without being cruel or offensive. You should also leave out emotions and opinions. The conclusion of a good news letter will give exact details as to what you plan next, when this will occur, and why this is important. With the conclusion of a bad
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Unformatted text preview: news letter you will want to put the focus of bringing the reader back up. Give them some hope for future dealings. Provide an example of bad news you might have to deliver in a letter. If I was working in the claims department and a customer sent a product in for refund that was not covered in the warranty, such as water damage due to product misuse I would be responsible for wring the letter which denies their claim. Explain which bad news technique you would choose for this type of letter. I would be sure to use tact throughout my letter, as well as avoiding emotions and opinions. I would be sure to provide sound reasoning for the decisions made which the reader could not deny. I would provide a very good conclusion which would give the reader something to look forward to within the company or even offering help....
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