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Reports - background personnel(documents names of all team...

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Reports Purpose Key Components General audience Progress Reports To document the status of activities (work completed and work remaining). If a project is on schedule or not. Any plans for the next reporting period. Heading, Introduction (overview, background), personnel , previous activity, discussion (findings, body, agenda), work accomplished, work remaining, problems encountered, conclusion, and recommendations Team members, supervisors, owners and customers or clients Feasibility and Recommendation Reports Shows how practical a proposed plan is and then recommends a course of actions which should be taken. Heading, Introduction (overview and
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Unformatted text preview: background), personnel (documents names of all team members on the project), discussion (body and findings), criteria, analysis, conclusion, and recommendations Team members, immediate supervisor, top executives, and owner Incident Reports Documents unexpected which have occurred such as an auto accident, equipment malfunction, fire, robbery, injury and problems with employee behavior Heading, introduction ( purpose and personnel – who, what, when, and why) discussion (body, findings, agenda work required, and actions taken), conclusion and recommendations Supervisor, possibly the police, and those involved...
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