The Technical Writing Process

The Technical Writing Process - The Technical Writing...

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The Technical Writing Process Prewriting is used to gather information. The purpose is external motivation to provide information in the purchase and use of the software. The goal is to instruct the audience on proper use of the program. I will be writing in the form of an instruction manual. I would use a positive tone to show approval and recognition of the software. In considering the audience, I would provide detailed information in an easy to understand way. The audience would be very diverse, with many levels of technical experience. In gathering the data I would research, and compile all necessary data with the creation of an outline. I would include many suggestions for the implementation of methods within the manual. The content will be provided in a step-by-step instructional manual. Writing lets the writer package information in a logical sequence. I would put the most important things first, with instructions, and information on this material. I would include pictures, and diagrams for ease of understanding. Decide how the material is to be presented. I would choose a text which allows for easy reading, and looks good on the page. This is where to highlight key points and implement proper use of white space. This informative manual could be presented within the software website. The manual would be provided with the purchase of the software. Rewriting is otherwise known as editing the work. This lets the writer perfect the written material within the manual. I would add any missing details to improve clarity. I would delete any phrases not needed within the manual. This is where one would simplify words and phrases for ease of understanding. I would then move around the
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The Technical Writing Process - The Technical Writing...

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