Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Like most Americans...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Like most Americans today my bloodline consists of a plethora of ethnicities, German, Dutch, Irish and even Cherokee. I have chosen the Irish part of my heritage for my paper. The  Irish immigrated to the United States. The largest number of Irish immigrants  came to America during the potato famine which ravished the country from 1845 to  1852. The main staple of their diet was potatoes so while the potatoes did not grow  many literally starved to death. They decided to come to America to discover a life  where they would have hope in the future, and suffer no fear of starving to death. After coming to America they were face prejudice, discrimination, racism, and  segregation. They faced discrimination in the form of dual labor market. While the  Irish were looking for work they would find that many businesses were posting  signs stating that those of Irish descent need not apply. They were forced to take 
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Like most Americans...

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