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The differences between Arabs and Muslims are staggering

The differences between Arabs and Muslims are staggering -...

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The differences between Arabs and Muslims are staggering. Arabs are from a specific  geological region. Muslims are a religious group who follow the teaching of Islam, and follow the  god Allah. Not everyone who is Arab is Muslim and vice versa.  Many people have become suspicious of individuals who are from this geological region. There  were several new policies put in place post 9-11 to ensure the public of the safety of Americans.  There was a law enacted that required men from 24 Muslim countries to be fingerprinted and  questioned. The United states government detained a total of 5,000 men just based on the  origin of birth. These individuals were harshly dealt with and laws were put into place trying to 
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Unformatted text preview: protect them. Orientalism is the act of seeing someone today as their ancestors were. When someone looks at Arabs or Muslims they see their history and not the way this group is today. While they may have had a violent past this is very much a part of their past. In order to promote tolerance one can focus on always treating everyone equally, and maybe stepping in to defuse a situation in public when there may be someone being harsh or even prejudice. If you are with friends who are making defamatory remarks you could gently correct them and explain your view on the subject....
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