The Official Language Movement

The Official Language Movement - been grossly violated...

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The Official Language Movement North County Times Many Americans are only able to speak English. According to the reading it is now politically correct to refer to bilingual education as a failure. It is however very important for every person in the United States to be proficient in more than one language. This can drastically increase employment opportunities for many. MSNBS Newt Gingrich has equated bilingual education as “the language of living in the ghetto”. He believes that English should be the official language of America, and that we should replace bilingual education with immersion in English. Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network A 16 year old student was suspended from school for speaking Spanish in the hallway at school. The principal had stated that he and others had been repeatedly warned against this. By following these actions the civil rights of this young student have
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Unformatted text preview: been grossly violated. There were no rules against this in the school rule books. This student should have been praised for his efforts at learning English while still maintaining ties to his culture. Yet this young student was punished, for merely speaking his native language. One Nation Groups against immigration are stating that immigrants are less willing to assimilate than previous generations. They believe this is largely due to bilingual education. References: North County times MSNBC Bilingual/Bicultural Family Newsletter One nation
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The Official Language Movement - been grossly violated...

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