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United states-Centric Views Comparison I would have to say that the appendix filled out by my friend was somewhat different from mine. I believe most groups of individuals have the exceptions for what I refer to as the bad seed. There are always going to be those in any society who are sexist, feminists, violent and so on. I believe there are also many in all groups who have positive attributes, such as being good neighbors, or law abiding. Just because one belongs to a certain religious group does not mean that they will have specific attributes which are either negative or positive. In her point of view there are things which are class or race exclusive. It is sometimes hard to communicate the way things are because her views are often not changed. She is right and that’s all there is to it. I believe that me learning the things I have are helping with the ability to communicate with her better. Yes both of the tables have descriptors in the both groups category The one I filled
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Unformatted text preview: out was a larger list than my friends however like I stated I believe there are people from all walks of life in any given group. In the table from my friend there are many in the Christian side that I do agree with. The Christian community is bound by biblical law while the Muslim and Arab community are bound by the Qur’an. These are just a few of the differences which are normal however these are true differences between the 2 groups. There were a few that I believe were false such as Christians are feminists and Muslim and Arabs are sexist. I believe these are personal views by an individual who makes their own choices. I believe many Americans make their decisions based on what they have heard from friends or others whom they may not know. Some of these beliefs are based on experiences with a small group of the given society....
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