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Mastering a skill Upon evaluating myself before doing this assignment I realized that there are many skills that I do not possess, and many more that I do that everyone could benefit from. The one that is most important to me that I need to build on is the ability to communicate effectively, and with more compassion toward humankind in general. Compassion is important in communicating, because if you don’t care about what you are hearing this defeats the purpose of communication. I believe that once it is mastered proper communication skills are the building block to creating a better life for oneself. Imagine how things in the world would be if everyone could communicate positively and in the appropriate way. There would be much less discontent, more harmony, and a greater understanding of one another. People would happier with the situation they are currently in. If we all understand and are able to communicate appropriately there would be less fighting and in turn the crime rate would be lower. If the crime rate is lower this will raise the property value and general morale of humanity in general. If moral is high people are less stressed.
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