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My Elevator Speech Last week I was at a local restaurant doing one of my assignments. While there, a friend of my husbands stopped by. I told him that I was going to school. He asked me where I find the time to attend college. I told tell him that with Axia College all of my classes are online. He was interested, and asked me how that work’s, do you know what you are suppose to be doing? I told him that with Axia there is a main forum where we spend most of our time. In this forum we post responses to the discussions, and read the posts that the teacher posts in the forum. This is also where we view our assignments for the week. We have the chat forum where we talk with other students about subjects not related to the current assignment. There is also the personal forum where we turn in checkpoint assignments, and get our grades. There is also the course materials forum which we use to view grading criteria, and different materials we need to complete assignments. We use threaded discussions where we read and post responses like an
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