Student Survival Guide - Student Survival Guide This is my...

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Student Survival Guide This is my University of Phoenix student survival guide. I have gained vast amounts of helpful information through the attendance of these classes. I believe that following these tips, guidelines, and strategies will be the foundation of my success in college. Using Axia’s Educational Resources There are a few different options available for research. I have researched material at the University Library a few times. I like the search engine, Gale PowerSearch. I find that I am able to understand all the material presented on this search engine. I have used EBSCOhost as a backup research tool. I believe in doing this I can view the wide range of materials which are available to me. I believe that peer reviewed articles are better sources than the articles that have not been peer reviewed. The term peer reviewed means that the article has been reviewed by a group of experts in the field topic. I have the assurance of knowing the material which I am reading is accurate. I have been using the audio and video resources that Axia provides me with to enhance my educational experience. I plan to continue using these provided tools. I gain a better understanding of a given topic. I believe the best advice that I can give myself is to make sure I always use the correct references, I will be able to do this by making notes as I study and research my material. A very important thing to remember is to always follow the writing style guidelines. I
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This note was uploaded on 10/03/2010 for the course AXIA COLLE All taught by Professor Unk during the Spring '10 term at University of Phoenix.

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Student Survival Guide - Student Survival Guide This is my...

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