5 Cents - They could have been sleeping as all of their...

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5 Cents 5 Cents The urbanization of America in the nineteenth century created slum’s where the low class and immigrants made their homes. Rebecca McDaniel History 125 Professor E. Sharp August 6, 2010
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5 Cents Who are these people? The people portrayed in the photograph are most likely immigrants, living in one of the 5 cent over crowded rooms. The core of the city had many immigrants and poverty striken citizens living in such poor condition that the health and life risks were killing the population at an astounding rate. So these 6 people, who are in this dark, crowded dingy room, could have likely been Italian immigrants. What mood is conveyed? All of the people in the photo appear to be in a somber mood, there are no smiles on their faces. This leads to the conclusion that they were not happy with the situation. What are the people in the photograph doing?
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Unformatted text preview: They could have been sleeping, as all of their eyes were closed. It is hard to imagine that anyone would be happy in this type of situation. There was no room for them to be up and moving around so they were all lying down or sitting. Discuss the ways in which photographs such as this might be used as effective political tools during the reform movement of the Progressive Era. With the reform movement these types of photos could have been very useful in showing those in charge, just how bad the problem was. If they were never able to see the problem for themselves, then to them it is not real. If they can visualize and see the problem then there would be more action. If someone new is running on the politics scene the images could be used in a campaign to clean up the city and to create a better life for these destitude citizens. 5 Cents...
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5 Cents - They could have been sleeping as all of their...

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