American Imperialism - than the town drunk that has no job...

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1 American Imperialism American Imperialism Many Americans believed they were superior to others due to better job’s skin color or home they lived in. Rebecca McDaniel History 125 Professor E. Sharp August 14, 2010
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2 American Imperialism While there was no longer slavery in the nation there were still many other factors which allude to some members feeling as though they are superior to other peoplr around them. Race still played a large part in the cultural division of society. There were other factors affecting the social structure of imperialism in America. These would be class, location, and even gender. Economicallly the factors involved in American imperialism are somewhat more subtle. The type of job a person holds, where they live, what their home looks like these are some of the major factors to imperialism. It stands to reason that the hard working farmer thinks he is better
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Unformatted text preview: than the town drunk that has no job. The person who runs the town’s general store is likely thinking he is better as a man than this same farmer. Back then life was built on a complew web of do’s and dont’s in lifes social society. The ritzy women who attended tea parties and quilting circles did not want to be shuned by the group of friends so they avoided the low class members of society be it poor, shabby homes, or different skin color. To them it did not matter what kind of a person they were avoiding only their wage, home, orneighborhood they lived in. Reference: Davidson. J., Gienapp, W., Heyrman, C., Lytle, M., & Stoff, M. (2006). Nation of nations: A concise narrative of the American Republic (4 th ed. Vols. 1, 2, and Combined). Boston: McGraw Hill. ISBN 0-07-297087-1. 3 American Imperialism...
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American Imperialism - than the town drunk that has no job...

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