Effects of the Railroad - city changes. Transportation...

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Effects of the Railroad Effects of the Railroad The start and expansion of the railroad had many effects, which shaped our nation. Rebecca McDaniel History 125 Professor E. Sharp July 29, 2010
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In 1840 there were many cities; however the ones ranking in the top ten were all on the east coast of America. In 1850 Charlston was no longer in the top ten list. Charlston was replaced by Saint Louis. Saint Louis had become the gateway to the west. In 1860 Albany was replaced by Buffalo and Chicago is added to the list. In 1870 Buffalo was replaced by San Francisco. This is due to the completion of the trans-continental railroad. In 1880 there were no
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Unformatted text preview: city changes. Transportation systems such as railroads and street cars allowed those in overpopulated areas to move to less populated areas further south. Railroads also allowed one to travel from the east coast to the west coast and vice-versa. Railraods also allowed for mass transportation of goods. As more well to do middle class Americans were moving to the west the economy further west was becoming more stable as an economy. When well to do Americans came west, they were taking their money families and skills west....
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Effects of the Railroad - city changes. Transportation...

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