Instead of traditional activism he reduced the government

Instead of traditional activism he reduced the government -...

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Instead of traditional activism he reduced the government’s budget and role in the economy. Instead of balancing the budget to reduce inflation he reduced unemployment through government spending. He paid farmers to reduce their land and also lowered payments for common commodities, so they would not be overproduced. He had to have the people backing him because he did not have the majority in the house because he was a republican. The government had total control, and then they stepped back
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Unformatted text preview: and let major businesses step in and have some control. America went from being government controlled to a conglomerate based America. The government was responsible for raising minimum wage, lowered unemployment, and created health care. By creating the Interstate Highway Act he was responsible for giving many Americans unskilled jobs, which pulled this country out of the biggest depression this country had ever see. Women went from being the mother to being a breadwinner in the family....
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