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ENGCULT- TD 3 - Week 5 Threaded Discussion Joe Staba What...

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Week 5 Threaded Discussion Joe Staba What does James Dyson say about engineering and the future of Britain? Dyson begins his article with the claim that the British mindset as a whole when it comes to engineering is extremely poor. Dyson also states that “Engineering gets stigmatised and we encourage our kids to become ‘professionals’ - lawyers, accountants, doctors.” (Dyson 1) Generally, the country views engineering to be an outdated or “old profession” which only serves to damage the productivity and flexibility engineers have in Britain. Personally, this generalized view of engineers in Britain is extremely ignorant. Almost everything we use today was created by some machine that in turn had to be created by most plausibly, an engineer. It is clear that Dyson has appreciation for engineers and understands how their practicality, innovation, and drive for improvement are exactly what a struggling nation needs.
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