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ENGCULT- TD 4 - I continue to find the differences in the...

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I continue to find the differences in the culture of various countries and their effects on engineering to be very interesting. Culture is definitely the driving theme in how engineers in certain countries work together, tackle problems, and output products. In Germany’s case, their strive for quality products has driven them for the past century and they seem very advertent to stray from this path even with the global economy in a rut and a demand for cheaper production costs. While very prestigious this mindset may be, is it hurting the market presence of German products for the worst? As observed in the readings, it is clear that Japan and the U.S. dominate a good portion of the market because of their cheap production costs and “good enough” products. This is what is killing Germany competitively and therefore is of main concern. They want to find ways to continue making “perfect” products while being able to compete pricewise with other countries. The key to Germany’s problems are summed up in this quote by Legg, “Although many German
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