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Unformatted text preview: I fully agree that government, the political spectrum more specifically, is not using the potential benefits that an engineer can provide in policy making and tackling complex problems such as global warming and fuel efficiency. I could personally relate to Sununu's comment about how engineers have the "ability to break things down into their component parts, analyze them and then put together a solution." (Sununu 7) and believe that this quote sums up the importance that engineers have in policy making. There's no doubt that Sununu was not able to be as effective in his field as other practicing engineers but I believe he was also ineffective in policy making because of the sheer magnitude of politicians and their ulterior motives. One man, or even the small amount of total politicians with engineering backgrounds, simply doesn't have the support or power to sway large decisions such as the Clean Act or have clout in conferences such as the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. His ineffectiveness, engineer-wise, could always conferences such as the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro....
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